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Requirements: 4.1 and above
Overview: Drive your warrior warrior against the Tataracber corporation in the best shooting game. Build your strategy on the front of the battlefield and kill your enemy on all sides. Face ops ops in online tournament mode

Take your weapons from a deadly arsenal and equalize your soldiers with unique shooting skills. Do you accept the challenge?

Try the new Zombie event! Kill unnecessary and be a hero!


– The experience of the new shooter. Join the resistance and command this revolution as a true hero of war. Take your weapon, hit the enemy army with bullet hail, grenades, massive guns. Release the fury of this war!

– MODERN CONTROL, which brings you a UNIQUE and immersive phone. Connect your finger to the trigger. PRESSURE and SHOOT!

– HD graphics with DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS, detailed scenes filled with particles and grapeshot .. Everything interacts with you and your soldiers.

– Become a true veteran veteran in the ONLINE TOURNAMENTS mode, embark on a frenetic and dynamic adventure with NON STOP ACTION against other assassin players. Do not stop shooting the best mission for commandos and sniper missions.

– Ensure a huge arsenal. You have never seen such realistic weapons in shooting games: pistols, rifles, rifles, snipers, grenades … feel like a true commandos in the front!

– Get on the battlefield from different points of view. Change between your mercenaries in REAL-TIME, find the best combination to win the war in the ultimate killing game.

– Establish the ASSASSIN SOLDIER team with their unique skills: hacker, sniper, destroyer … Unlock the new EPIC CHARACTER as a man or a pistol! Have you ever seen an inflatable dinosaur on the battlefield?

TETRACORP occupies several areas above the planet that oppress villages, take up their resources, and control every communication. New resistance is born and it is time to root out this threat.

Put your brigade out of mercenaries and start your journey to the battle, the prelude to the greatest war the Earth has ever seen. The discovery of new material, element 115, he can solve the fate of mankind and can not fall into the hands of Tetracorp.

In Cover Fire, you'll be the hero who leads an army of veterans in besieged cities, deserts and fields captured by guerrillas, and defeats all enemies in the war with the largest graphical, greatest arsenal and best gameplay store.

Ultimate military experience. Intuitive control created to create a totally striking feel. Cover, target, shoot and remove this danger. Do not let the terrorists have the world in the best military shooter ever!

As a leader of the uprising, you will face the army of the enemy corps: elite soldiers, lethal special units, swords with impenetrable shields, powerful tanks … Take control of the battlefield, deal with the conflict as a true war machine. Become the legend of this world war in the most addictive multiplayer for FPS.

– A challenging story. Fight against Tetrakapp and keep a mercenary on each mission. The best gameplay in the most attractive shooting game ever.

– Experience the new unique experience in the arrows. Press the screen, pull the trigger and shoot! Destroy and destroy all bad guys with their powerful weapons and a well-assembled team of heroes!

– Improve the skills and abilities of each member of your group: make them faster, stronger, more deadly. Equip them with the best pistols and gears. Level the command team and bring them to victory.

Unlimited action of the shooter!

Can you destroy all the enemies in this bloody war? Welcome to the resistance. Welcome to Cover Fire.

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What is new?

+ New Chapter 8, Awakening. Combat spiders, robots and … zombies
+ bug fixes and various technical improvements

4. Endless Tickets
4. Endless Tickets
2. Endless Ticket Events
2. Endless Tickets
6. Endless Tickets

7. Infinite Cups
8. Vip Membership
9. Max Vip Dots
10. XP Multiplier
11. DR Multiplier
12. Critical Damage
] 13. Critical speed
14. No recharge
15. Max. Clipsize

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