Download Disk & Storage Analyzer [PRO] v4.0.1.0 [Paid] – Android Applications

Disk & Storage Analyzer [PRO] v4.0.1.0 [Paid] – Android Applications

CPU X: System & Hardware Information vReborn Stage 1.20 [Mod]
Requirements: 5.0+
Description: The application shows complete hardware information.

CPU X shows information about devices such as processor, core, speed, model, ram, camera, sensor etc.
You can talk to fans of smartphones around the world to exchange ideas and share knowledge. You can ask or give an answer.

CPU: –
Processor, Pattern, Clock Speed, Current Frequency, Heap Memory, Bootloader, Setup Order, CPU Baseband Governor Version, Kernel Version, ID, Host, GPU, Vendor ID, CPU family,, Bogomips , Power Management

Manufacturer, model, Brand, Board, Serial, uptime, sleep time, OS version, API stage, RAM, Storage memory

width, height, diagonal size resolution, density, orientation, density x, density of y

Data connection, Network, Speed ​​download, Speed ​​upload, IP address
Internet / data speed in status bar and notification

SIM: –
SIM Card Information
Operator Network Information
SIM Driver Name
Country Network
Phone Type – GSM / CDMA / SIP [ Battery, Battery temperature, Voltage, Technology, charging status

Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Light Sensor, Gravity Sensor, Gyroscope, Orientation, Temperature, Pressure,
Distance Sensor, Game Rotation, Step Detector, Step Counter

Full details about front and rear cameras.

Beautiful widget for fast access content of important content, and flashlight widget.

if you want more information, suggest us, we'll add it to the app.


– New Widget to enable / disable notification of data speed
– New feature to search and view other device specs.
– Users can add lost device information.
– Fixed time difference in post and answer.
– Some bugs remain.
– Answer feature acceptance.

★★★ ADFree MOD: ★★★
Ads Released;
Rolled banner layout released
Remove all ad services and activities
AD Tabs removed from the layer. removed from the toolbar;
All ad banner layouts in tablet mode removed;

This app has no ads

Additional Info:

Download Instructions: [19659008].
Disk & Storage Analyzer [PRO] v4.0.1.0 [Paid] – Android Applications
Disk & Storage Analyzer [PRO] v4.0.1.0 [Paid] – Android Applications